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Ms4th year and 5th year

Ms Marketing and social media

About Ms Marketing and social media

This technical course of this master’s degree integrates methods related to developing technologies and the research conducted in this environment. Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Sustainable.

Innovation are all areas that will affect a new generation of managers who want to go beyond the basics of marketing to enable future generations to have the tools to shape and optimize the world tomorrow.

During the year, you will also learn how to manage with this goal in mind to maximize your team’s performance and drive your projects with efficiency. In addition, creative tools, also essential to the innovation process, are integrated into the program with the sprint design and the creative strategy.


Educational goals

  • Understand the challenges of innovation in business
  • Master the managerial practices related to innovation
  • Be able to define a complete digital strategy and master its implementation
  • Develop and push the reflection of a technical project
  • Learn to identify and use current market trends in your field of activity


  • Digital strategy
  • Mobile marketing
  • Webmarketing & social media
  • E-reputation
  • Big Data
  • Communication strategy
  • Project Team Management
  • E-influence
  • Google & SEO
  • Business plan and business model
  • Crisis communication
  • French classes

Title recognized by the State

Level 7 title “Marketing strategy manager” registered with the RNCP by order of February 09, 2023 Delivered by Talis compétences & certifications Block validation option

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Pace of training

Training in 2 years after 3/4 years of university studies

Initial training

Beginning of the school year : October
Pace : 1 or 2 days at school per week
Internship : 44 days minimum, alternating with classes

Work-study program

Beginning of the school year : October
Pace : 1 day at school and four days at the company per week or two days at school and three days at the company per week

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