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Courses abroad, thanks to our partners

In conjunction with the group Collège de Paris and its partners, Digital College offers you several international mobility programs that allow you to study abroad for a year or more and obtain a double degree in one of our partner universities.

Four types of mobility:

  • Academic mobility: specialty courses (marketing, communication…) in a partner university
  • Language mobility: language courses at a partner university
  • Professional mobility: internship or job abroad
  • Mixed: one semester of academic or linguistic mobility + one semester of internship or job abroad

How do I take a course abroad?


Mobility is based on the principle of double enrollment/double degree:

  • During the year of mobility, you are enrolled in your home school, Digital College, and your destination school.
  • You will earn one year of credit at your home school and at your destination school in that year.

A real accompaniment

Throughout the process, you will be accompanied by the International Mobility Manager, who will validate your project and provide you with all the information you need for to make your experience as smooth as possible.


100% beneficial

The time spent abroad is considered equivalent to the time spent in France.


Double degree

Once you are in your chosen country, your graduation from a foreign university is dependent on you obtaining your Digital College diploma.

Partner institutions

Find all the partner institutions around the world:

Going abroad is the perfect opportunity to improve your resumé with an international experience that will allow you to discover new intercultural management and other ways of life. Unique opportunities to seize!


Do you want to study abroad?

Please write to us to find out more about the courses offered by our partner schools!


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