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Associations and BDE

Back to the Future,the BDE Digital College🚘

At Digital College, the BDE is an emblematic association. The BDE is responsible for numerous events around significant events such as Christmas, the Olympics, Valentine’s Day, etc. The BDE brings our school to life and animates it.

Cultivating the “DC spirit” is a priority and involves sharing and getting together. As a student, participate in events or become one of the following BDE representatives to actively invest in the life of the school!

The BDE is also constant support between students: good tips, professionalization, coaching… The goal of the association is not only to animate the student life! Since it is not always easy to link up with other people when you’re a work-study student, Back to The Future also strives to help all the students who need it by interacting with all the school’s stakeholders and forming numerous partnerships.

The BDE representatives on each campus listen, so don’t hesitate to suggest your ideas!

Le mot de la Présidente du BDE, Iliana Benessam

“The BTTF student union is a nice little story that started with what remained of last year’s club. After that, we recruited new motivated members, then held small meetings, did a lot of preparation, looked for partnerships… All of this with the idea of creating bonds, meeting new people and above all: involve the students thoughout the year 👾

If at the beginning we could see that it was complicated in a Covid climate, we pushed ourselves to show what we could do. A crazy integration week-end, themed parties, live shows, breakfasts… we tried to be present as much as possible to have fun, whatever the sanitary situation was!

Because that’s what BTTF is all about: an association that wants to catch up on the time lost at home by embarking on a journey to a future where we make unforgettable memories.

We hope you have fastened your seatbelts.



Other associations and clubs 🏀

As you can see, Digital College is a real community! We’ve created several clubs that allow students to share and have fun with the same interests between class projects in the same spirit. Know that the relationships you build during your school career may follow you all your life, so we hope to make your school years memorable by finding the right balance between seriousness, success, passion, and friendship.

The Primates – Basketball Associatio

Primate is the Digital College mascot!

This powerful yet wise Japanese gorilla is present at all school events and even accompanies you daily in his miniature version. Everyone loves him, so we named the basketball team after him to honor him!

Friendly matches, inter-school, or inter-company tournaments, we try to get together as often as possible between students and administrative teams to show what we can do!



The Twitch club

At Digital College, a lot of budding gamers!

Digital College has created an interactive Twitch account, where all students can stream, and teams and teachers! We post the schedule on the networks every week, so don’t hesitate to follow us and join the community!

Come and show us your skills, have fun, or comment on the lives of Warzone, Valorant, League of Legends, Among Us, Rocket League, Tekken, and many more; there will be something for everyone!

To participate or send us your suggestions, only one email address: [email protected].



The DC label – Music production club

The Paris La Défense campus is equipped with an ultra-equipped sound studio.

Among the students at Digital College, there are also many artists! Music production, writing, song recording… Whatever your style is, we open the studio’s doors to give you access to professional equipment and projects to nourish your passion!

Between club members, you can also help each other and organize epic recording sessions…



The video club

If there is a sound studio, there must be a video studio!

If Spielberg is your spirit animal, you can also create your projects at school and ask the Digital College video team for advice.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team at least two weeks in advance for all reservation requests!



Do you have many ideas 💡 and want to create a new association?

Pushing students to get involved and to believe in their projects is what we work for every day. Our teams will listen to you, so contact [email protected] to share your ideas.


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