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About the Digital College courses

Are the training courses available in work-study contracts?

Whether in one of our campuses in metropolitan France and overseas or online via our digital campus, all our programs are open to initial and work-study courses, starting at the post-bac level. However, it is essential to note that work-study programs are a French system and are not available on our international campuses. Find out more about work-study programs.


What is the cost of the training?

In the case of a work-study program, the host company will pay all your school fees. This system allows you to benefit from a completely free course without any registration fees. Contact us to find out about our rates for initial training (meaning you pay for the procedure yourself).

How is the teaching process?

Whether you follow a work-study contract or an initial course, it will be the same, meaning two days of classes per week in the first and second year, then one day per week in the following years. If you are on a work-study contract, you will be in your host company the rest of the time, and if you are on an initial system, you can take advantage of this free time to do internships or find a student job that will help you finance your studies.

What are the evaluation methods for training courses?

The students of each course are evaluated through a continuous assessment of group projects at crucial moments. They also have a final written case study and an oral exam where they need to create a website on WordPress or a development project. To validate the degree, the overall average grade (on 20) for the continuous assessment of each teaching unit, the written and oral exams must be higher than 10.

School registration

When does school begin?

All our back-to-school events take place in October. Our traditional back-to-school kick-off usually marks the beginning of the year. Digital College is all about starting big! However, Digital College students can start a program at any time of the year, whenever they want.

Can I apply to the school through Parcoursup?

Parcoursup lists universities, BTS, or DUT but excludes most private schools, including Digital College. However, this is a real option for high school graduates, so don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our post-bac course!

When can I apply?

Applications are open all year round; there is no particular time to apply. Applying early in the year will give you peace of mind for the start of the new school year, but it is perfectly possible to use it until the beginning of the new school year and even a few weeks later if there are still available spots in our classes.


What is the admission procedure?

As soon as you contact us through our website, social media, email, or phone, we will get back to you to set up an appointment to present the school to you and to have you take an individual admission interview and an entrance test. We will also carefully review your academic record and then give you an answer on your eligibility within 48 hours. For more information, see the application section.

Does the admission test require any special preparation?

In this test, we will evaluate your general digital knowledge. There is, no need to prepare yourself in advance. On the other hand, we advise you to prepare well for your admission interview to explain your project and make your personality shine!

I am a foreign student; how do I apply?

If you wish to study in France, contact us directly so that we can explain how Campus France works to obtain a student visa. Please note that you will only be able to initially join the program as an initial student. To complete your work-study program in a hosting company, you must have already studied for at least one year in France.

Going into the professional world

What are the work-study contracts offered?

You can complete your digital training under a professionalization contract, apprenticeship contract, or school-company agreement. Find out more about work-study programs.


Are internships mandatory?

If you are a work-study student, you will not need to do an internship. If you are an initial student (meaning you are paying your school fees by yourself), you will have to do at least 44 days of training on your course schedule to validate your year.

Does the school help in finding a company?

Digital College works with many host companies. We regularly receive requests from companies of all sizes. If your profile matches these requests, your application may be forwarded. Then it’s up to you to make the most of the interview! We also organize workshops on company search techniques, during which we can help you work on your application to give you the best chance of success.


What are the opportunities for training?

Digital College trains for digital professions. Digital marketing manager, traffic manager, UX designer, social media strategist, or entrepreneur, each specialization opens different doors. You can consult our Orientation section to learn more about these professions and our training pages.



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