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Digital Storyteller

Job description

As a digital storyteller, your imagination will be your best asset. Your mission will be to arouse emotion in your target in order to approach them and establish trust. Your role will be to design stories, of varying length, whether text or interactive, in order to offer a product while creating an emotion in your audience.

By adapting your story to the audience and the communication channel used, you will present an event or a product in a new light, echoing the references or experiences of users. To do this, you will base yourself on existing myths, or create your own according to your needs. With your personal approach, the company will captivate the audience and present its product in a new way.

The required skills

If you like to play with words, this is a job for you. A solid general knowledge, a real gift for writing and wordplay are essential for this position. Your creativity and imagination will be exploited daily for a personal result that will make the company stand out. Be original, open-minded, and your writing skills will do the rest.

The salary

Your words will bring your junior salary for a digital storyteller position to an average of 40,000 euros gross per year. For a senior, your salary can reach 70,000 euros gross per year.

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