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Student life 17.10.23

Welcome to DOJO : Digital College’s new Paris campus

Digital College is proud to unveil its brand-new campus, the DOJO !

This new space is more than just a place to learn. It embodies our passion for Japanese culture and our goal to provide our students with an exceptional environment for their higher education.

A unique Japanese immersion

The DOJO is a campus designed around the theme of Japan. Captivated by its rich culture, creating a stimulating and inspiring environment for students, this country has always held a special place in the heart of Digital College.

The term “dojo” is a Japanese word referring to a place dedicated to the practice of disciplines such as martial arts or other activities related to personal growth,  Do meaning the way and Jo study.

A sacred and respected place, the DOJO is a space where students gather to train, learn and develop their skills.

Exceptional facilities

The DOJO offers an impressive range of facilities to meet the needs of all students :


The campus has 30 spacious and modern classrooms, all equipped with touch screens and acoustic panels.

Computer rooms

The DOJO has 2 computer rooms equipped with state-of-the-art iMacs.

Relaxation areas

To relax between classes, students can take advantage of 6 pop-style relaxation areas, perfect for unwinding and socializing.


Need a quiet place to study or work on your projects ? Our 8 open-plan, zen-like workspaces provide the ideal environment for concentration.

Individual work niches

To be even more focused on your projects, the DOJO offers individual work niches, providing total tranquility.


Ideal for maintaining an active lifestyle and relaxing between classes, the gym is available to students during the slots offered by our coach, Georges Louvel.

Locker rooms

Locker rooms, including showers, are also available for those who would like to change after their workout or before a class.

Cafeteria and Bubble Tea bar

DOJO’s cafeteria is a cozy place to eat with friends, the DOJO cafeteria offers a counter signed by Le Chill, where you’ll find pokés, sandwichesand a variety of other foods. The counter also features a Bubble Tea bar and several treats, perfect for satisfying your taste buds. You’ll also find a Kumo vending machine offering 100% Japanese products : rolls, sushi and bentos.

Salle de repos

Plongez dans l’univers captivant des mangas dans la salle de repos, une escapade parfaite pour les moments de détente. Vous y trouverez des niches individuelles pour se reposer, une bibliothèque de mangas et un écran!

Relaxation room

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of manga in the rest area, a perfect getaway for moments of relaxation. You’ll find individual niches for resting, a manga library, and a screen !

Multi-purpose room

The DOJO houses a multi-purpose hall capable of accommodating over 100 people, ideal for events, conferences, workshops and student meetings.

Photo/video studio

Creative students will be delighted by the fully-equipped photo/video studio, ideal for bringing their projects to life.


Enjoy breathtaking views from the DOJO rooftop, an ideal spot for summer evenings.

A campus that reflects you

DOJO is more than just a place to learn, it’s a campus that reflects Digital College’s passion and commitment to its students. The spaces have been carefully designed to offer an exceptional environment that combines study, relaxation, creativity and well-being; a place where you can cultivate your talent and achieve your goals.

For a week now, we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming our students to the DOJO and look forward to sharing this unique experience with everyone who walks through our doors. At Digital College, we’re committed to giving each campus a unique soul and design, and DOJO is a remarkable example of this.

We look forward to welcoming you and sharing our years of learning and discovery. DOJO awaits you, ready to inspire, motivate and propel you towards a promising future.

If you’d like to get a glimpse of the campus in pictures, we invite you to watch our video :



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