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TINDER GAME: Are you made for the digital environment?

Does the digital environment make you curious? Discover in this series of 20 questions if you are suited for this trendy and particular universe. Ready? Let’s go!

80% of recruiters stalk you for a job..
When you are speaking in class to present content:
giphy (1)
What do you use your smartphone for on a daily basis?
giphy (2)
You need to learn a concept quickly for your next class:
giphy (3)
You just saw Christopher Nolan’s latest movie and you loved it:
A teacher is sick so you have 2 extra hours in your day; you take advantage of it to:
giphy (5)
What were you doing during the first 2020 lockdown?
giphy (6)
You give a speech for your best friend’s wedding:
When you post on social media, how many times do you re-edit the content?
giphy (7)
Too much curiosity is:
giphy (8)
A quality course looks like:
giphy (9)
The philosophy of your future school looks like:
giphy (10)
Doing a job you have to learn on a daily basis:
giphy (11)
Sites that collect your personal data..
giphy (12)
Your computer makes a very strange noise when you start it up:
giphy (13)
Your friend does an original dance in the evening:
giphy (14)
You change your smartphone:
giphy (15)
How many applications do you have on your smartphone?
giphy (16)
Staying more than 10 hours a day on the Internet:
giphy (17)
In 10 years you aspire to be:
giphy (18)
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Digital field?.. Hum… So things need to be learned a bit further.

It’s a concept that you are discovering little by little. You have touched on a few things and still have a lot of room to explore. Don’t waste time! Start looking into it on your own and contact our training consultants for more information. If this field interests you, don’t hesitate to apply to Digital College!

You have a good foundation for working in a digital environment.

It’s something that interests you. You are a connected person, who uses digital tools with ease. Studying in the digital field will allow you to discover a transversal field in which you will surely blossom. You’re already applying to Digital College!

Bravo ! You should clearly work in a digital environment

It is one of your daily fuels and you master some technical aspects. Aren’t you at Digital College already?! If not, it’s time to apply, you’ll be at ease in one of our school’s programs.

So, hats off to you!  You have the potential to be a genius entrepreneur.

It would be a huge mistake not to use your talent. So if I were you, I would enroll in Digital College and I would launch all my projects that would come to my mind, we may have the future Steve Jobs of these next ten years among us.


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