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Bachelor1st year at 3rd year

Bachelor 3 Digital Project Management

About the Bachelor 3 Digital Project Management

Managing a project in the digital age means facing new challenges with ever-changing parameters every day!

To discover the tools and techniques that will allow you to adapt to these changes, you will first learn the basics of classic project management to obtain all the reflexes necessary for the proper conduct of a project. These skills will then be deepened to adapt to the digital environment and its specificities. Vocabulary, team management, task definition, choice of follow-up methodology… All these active project topics will be reinforced by acquiring knowledge related to technology, such as data, artificial intelligence, or computer languages, allowing you to assimilate a solid culture and understand the environment in which your future projects will evolve.

Etudiante dans un amphithéâtre pour un cours de gestion du projet numérique

Educational goals

  • Develop a general digital culture
  • Develop a digital marketing strategy
  • Define the needs and scope of a digital project
  • Know how to manage and lead a project
  • Discover the specific methodologies of digital project management
  • Coordinate a project team with internal and external actors
  • Integrate the legal framework of digital technology into its projects
  • Manage costs and planning related to the development of a project
  • Monitor and report on the results of a project


  • Digital Culture
  • Digital law
  • Introduction to agile methods
  • Sprint design
  • Web marketing strategy
  • Design and innovation
  • Google 360
  • Referencing
  • Introduction to data
  • Content management system
  • Front end computer languages
  • DTP
  • User experience
  • Introduction to AI
  • Financial analysis
  • Project management

Title recognized by the State

Level 6 title "marketing and communication manager" registered with the rncp by order of july 19, 2023 delivered by ascencia business school Block validation option

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Pace of training

Training in one year after the Bac+2

Initial training

Beginning of the school year: October
Pace: 1 or 2 days at school per week
Internship: 44 days minimum, alternating with classes

Work-study program

Beginning of the school year: October
Pace: 1 day at school and four days at the company per week or two days at school and three days at the company per week


Where can I study?

The projects of the Bachelor 3 Digital Project Management

Project 1

Extended reality summit:

You manage a project to develop a metaverse platform internally or with its customers through a collaborative tool. In the team, define the steps of the project while integrating the specificities of the virtual reality world. The offered solutions will have to concretely meet the company’s needs.

Project 2

Business creation:

In groups, for a week, you will create a fictitious company from scratch. You’ll be the decision-maker for all the aspects of your company: from the business plan to marketing, legal and financial aspects, and marketing and its digital dimension. You will present your project in front of a jury of professionals and compete in an inter-campus final. Will you succeed in building a viable project and stand out from the crowd?

Project 3

Development of a website:

It allows you to bring together different skills, both technical and marketing, since, in addition to building a website entirely, you will have to ensure that it is attractive and consistent with the positioning of your project.

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